Barnton Circus


I was asked to document some of Northwich Festival of Arts for publishing in the Northwich Guardian.

Barton Circus set-up an area outside ASDA in Baron’s Square. They put on a 15-minute circus showcase followed by a taster session for kids and adults alike.

Seeing the performers soar high above the square with nothing but a thin mat to separate them from the concrete was a spectacle. I attempted to capture both the grace in their movements through close up and portrait shots, as well as a crowds perspective to give a more immersive feel.

To achieve this, I used my 70-200mm and 16-35mm lenses. the 70-200mm is extremely versatile, and given the size of the space, allowed me to give a sense of perspective and get those detail shots I was after.

The 16-35mm is very wide on my full-framed 1dxmkii, and is slowly becoming my favourite lens because of the unique perspective it offers if you can get close to your subject.

I’m of the opinion that the closer you can get, the more intimate the shot feels. For this reason, I find myself reaching for my 16-35mm more and more.


  • Photography
  • Editing


  • 1Dx mkii
  • 16-35mm f/2.8 L & 70-200 f/2.8 L

Challenges & Solutions

As if darting in and out of the crowd during a performence wasn’t enough, collecting permission for the children taking part in the workshops also proved difficult. Parents had often left their children with friends or family members who were not able to give consent. This resulted in a lot of waiting around. Luckily, kids are funny and I have a fair amount of summer camp experience, so I didn’t find this too painful.

Finding perspectives that gave a good crowd perspective of the show was made tricky by the multitude of people (trust me, this is a crowd for Northwich). I was spendign a lot of time darting in and out of people, quietly asking people to take steps to the left or right and generally being as invisible as possible.

Other than that, this was a fairly easy shoot! The images came out well, and I managed to get several of them in the paper as well as a few more across various local social media sites and websites.

Barnton Circus requested them themselves for use on their own website too.

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