Gauntlet Birds of Prey


Gauntlet Birds of Prey is a bird of prey sanctuary nearby my family home. One rainy day in February, I visited in order to get some bird photography practice in.

Whilst at Gauntlet, I learned a lot about the conservation intiatives they’re involved with across the world, and I am now in talks with them regarding future work.

I handed off the images for use in their promotional materials, of which they were very appreciative.

As I was shooting on a 70D, my lens was the equivalent of a 300mm, due to the APS-C sensor. This proved very useful in most of the settings, as I was able to get frame filling portraits of the birds, that offered a little greater impact in my opinon than I might have with a true 200mm.


  • Photography
  • Editing


  • 70D
  • 70-200 f/2.8 L
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