Let’s Do This


I was approached by Jack Atkinson in order to assist him as a second shooter for the Eton Dorney 10k. His client is the start-up Let’s Do This, who tote themselves as the Air BnB of endurace racing. They’re an awesome group dedicated to putting the smaller races of the world on a map where athletes can easily find them.

We spent the morning getting photos of the location, before settling down to photograph the runners. Let’s Do This wanted as many photos as possible in order to populate their social channels and tag people for publicity. Jack and I came up with a game plan. I was on the portrait lens, him the wide angle. My job was to get as many portraits as possible.

The 1DX mkii really came into it’s own here, with the laser quick autofocus really helping me nail focus on the eyes of the runners as they passed, and the 14fps offering me a number of expressions to choose from through their stride.


  • Photography
  • Editing


  • 1Dx mkii
  •  70-200 f/2.8 L

Challenges & Solutions

As the race was not the first in the day, the light was not at it’s best. We were shooting into the sun for some of the day, and some of the runners were wearing hats that shielded their eyes (left).

To solve this I cut across the course in order to have the sun falling on the faces of my runners, and positioning myself where I could get the runners both in the sun and the shadow.

I repositioned a few times in order to create a number of different backdrops, and shot at a number of different focal lengths to vary the subjects isolation.

Despite these challenges, Jack and I managed to get enough images to take Let’s Do This through to Christmas.

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